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Avid is a video and music program for both editing and composition

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    Video software

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    Windows Vista / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Avid Media Composer First is a piece of free software designed to help the user edit and process audio and video tracks. As a premiere free multimedia editing app, this software can take advantage of speed tools, multilayer audio tracks, skewing tools, color tools, and much more.

The video editor within this software is second to none. You can use the workspace to hold up to five video clips in a single location, and those clips can be used as the source for your final composition. You can use those audio clips at your leisure and forget about them once the composition has been completed. Another great aspect of the system is that it can work with multiple formats in the same project without needing to convert anything.

You'll start with a set of cutting tools to capture the rough scenes you want to include in your final project. Once you've got the desired content, you can use the precise editing functions to merge the clips into a single video. After the video has been arranged, you can improve it in a number of ways. Improve image stability, boost the lighting, and tweak the color balance of the footage.

In order to help you remember which video files you've already used, a number of advanced organization systems are used. You can use metadata to sort clips, and the system will keep a running tally of the files that have been used as video sources.

Within Avid Media Composer First, you'll find all the most valuable tools for editing and compiling your video content. A novice might glance at the software and assume the biggest problem is the variety of tools and functions. However, the biggest issue with the software is that you can adjust a number of settings and options within each individual tool. This can be overwhelming to those with limited experience. Even those with moderate experience in audio and video editing might be thrown off by the user interface.

The best way to learn the ins and outs of this software is to tinker with it and play with its functions. As you become accustomed to the software, you'll start to learn the various tools and how they can be customized to create various effects. Thankfully, the software includes a before-and-after representation of any changes you make using side-by-side previews. This is an excellent method for learning exactly how the various effects alter your content.

Even though Avid Media Composer First isn't technically top-of-the-line, it still represents a good option for those who want a single app that can edit audio and video files. Most free examples in this category are exceptionally difficult to use, so Avid Media Composer First definitely leads the charge in usability. This software is perfect for dedicated novices and semi-professional music and video producers.


  • Numerous Editing Functions
  • Budget/Semi-Professional Utility


  • Lacks Simple Interface
  • Limited Professional-Class Tools

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